Digital Maps for First Responders

IncidentView features include preplan display, integrated dispatch, automatic vehicle location, and local fire infrastructure to help you respond fast and informed.

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Try the free demo

The demo displays example data, dispatches, and AVL to show you how the app works.

Computer Aided Dispatch Support

IncidentView integrates with your dispatch system, automatically displaying your destination on the map. Dispatchs are received and displayed in seconds on all your devices.


Fire Infrastructure Map Display

IncidentView displays your local area data including hydrants, standpipes, Knox-Boxes, preplans, fire control panels, electric panels, gas shutoffs, water meters and other fire infrastructure.


One Click Preplan Display

Preplans and other digital information can be hyperlinked to buildings and other map features. Most of our clients print their preplans to Adobe PDF files which are then linked to buildings. Preplans are displayed by simply clicking on an orange colored building.

Example Preplan

Automatic Vehicle Location

IncidentView's Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) feature displays the real time location of all your department's vehicles.