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Use the IncidentView Editor to update your fire infrastructure data and push it to your devices.

IncidentView Web Editor on thunderbolt display with google nexus tablet 7 running IncidentView

Take control of your data

  • Save time by updating and managing your own fire infrastructure data.
  • Click and drop fire infrastructure features on the map such as key boxes, control panels, shutoffs, and others.
  • Securely edit infrastructure locations and attributes.
  • Update your data using a broadband connected PC or laptop.

Attach Documents

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Upload preplan documents and image files by simply dragging them to features such as building footprints.

Add & Update

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Easily add, move, delete and update infrastructure and attributes for hydrants, control panels, gates, bridges, key boxes, and more.

Sync Data

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Your fire infrastructure data updates are under your control. Your approved updates are synced or downloaded to all your IncidentView devices.