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Computer / tablet / smartphone
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$15 / device / month
$1,500 account activation fee

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Internet browser
Create and edit data

$1,200 / year
No activation fee

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What does the account activation fee cover?

The one-time fee includes registering your department and users with our system. It also includes the cost to obtain, process, and load your fire infrastructure data for the first time, as well as to integrate your dispatch messaging system with IncidentView.

What does the Editor fee cover?

The annual Editor fee covers access for users to edit and update your departments fire infrastructure (Access points, Control Panels, Stairs, Cautions, etc.) for one year.

Can I deploy to more than one type of device?

You can mix and match your IncidentView deployments however you wish. For example you may decide to purchase the Windows PC version for response vehicles and smartphone/tablet versions for individual fire fighters.